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07 27 10 - ♚ 002
florence ⇏ drowned in no love streams.
23 icons.
As a surprise for my friend, please enjoy icons of the lovely Spanish tennis player, Rafael Nadal. The majority are from his tournaments this year, and this gallery.

“As long as I got my pants back...”Collapse )
07 15 10 - ♚ 001
florence ⇏ drowned in no love streams.
95 icons
from the film Renaissance, also known as Renaissance: Paris 2054 or some variation. I began this batch... Wow, probably over a year ago, but never got around to posting them in my old comm. I thought it'd make a lovely inaugural post, and it's currently the theme of this comm.

Gorgeous movie. Sorry 'bout the messed up naming order.

"I don't know anything about saints, but I have an uncanny instinct for sniffing out a son of a bitch."Collapse )
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